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These Jello LEGO treats for kids let your children play with their food!

Every child loves LEGO blocks. But the bad part about LEGOS is that our feet tend to find them sprinkled all over the floor. There’s no pain out there that can compare to stepping on a LEGO in the middle of the night This is why this simple recipe for Jello LEGO treats for kids is totally fun.

Not only does it create a simple kid snack that the children can enjoy any time of the day, but they can actually use them to create and play with as well.

And if you’re a stickler about not letting the kids play with their food, this is one that you just might have to make an exception with. Not only can they create this recipe from start to finish but then they can also use their creativity and imagination to build with them as well.

And once they’re done playing with them, they just gobble them up and go on about their day. There’s no chance of stepping on these “LEGOS” in the middle of the night!

Jello LEGO treats for kids

Jello LEGO treats for kids

Won’t the Jello be hard to get out of the Jello molds?

It’s actually not! The key to making this LEGO recipe work is that you have to let the jello set up completely in the mold. If you try to get it out too early, it’s going to fall apart or stick and not work. This recipe does require a bit of patience on your end (and from your children as well) for it to work, but it’s all worth it in the end!

How long will these Jello Legos last?

Their shelf life is just like regular Jello. You need to keep them chilled and in the fridge or they will lose that LEGO shape. I also recommend just playing with them once and eating them rather than having hands on them over and over again. Divvy up the jello treats between the kids and let them play and eat their own.

Jello LEGO treats for kids

Jello Legos – Ingredients

Jell-O Play Jungle Build Mold, washed if new
Red, yellow, orange and blue Jell-O

Pot to boil water
4 glass measuring cups

Jello LEGO treats for kids - Jell-O Play Jungle Build Mold

Jello LEGO treats for kids process

Jello LEGO treats for kids process


1. Bring 3 cups of water to a boil on high heat.
2. Empty the 3oz packets into each measuring cup and mix in 1/2 cup of boiling water.
3. Keep mixing each cup until the Jell-O is dissolved.
4. Lightly spray the molds with cooking spray.
5. Carefully pour the Jell-O into the LEGO molds.
6. You can mix colors to make other colors like green by mixing a little blue with yellow.
7. Set in fridge for 4-6 hours, carefully remove the Jell-O LEGOS from the molds and enjoy!

See how simple this recipe is? Have fun with the variety of Jello as well because you’re going to want to have different colored Legos for the children to play and build with.

Simple tips for making these fun Jello Legos:

  • Keep in mind that the warmth from their hands will start to soften the Jello after some time – although, it’s really hard for children to not play and eat these pretty quickly so this might not be an issue!
  • If you’re going to store these for later, just place them in an airtight container in the fridge.

And remember to let them set up completely in the molds before you try and remove them!

Jello LEGO treats for kids - Jell-O Play Jungle Build Mold

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