Curb the holiday sugar and sweets with these 25 cute and healthy Christmas treats for kids.

The holiday season is upon us. You know we love creating cute and healthy foods for kids. If you’re looking for healthy Christmas treats for the kids that are not overly sugary and sweet, we have you covered with these 25 cute and healthy Christmas treats.

We have food art to fill a plate and snacks that are perfect for a class holiday party. Or healthy holiday snacks kids can help make!

Don’t forget about the Christmas-themed lunch treats like the reindeer roll-ups and the tree-sadillas. You can pack them in the lunch box or serve them as an after school snack.

The best part is that you don’t have to feel guilty serving these cute Christmas treats to the kids. These adorable holiday treats are packed with fruits, veggies, and other healthy ingredients.

Cute Healthy Christmas Treats Kids

Check out the links below to get some festive healthy holiday food ideas for kids and the whole family this year.

Cute Healthy Christmas Treats Kids

  1. Sweet Christmas Angel Fairy Bread – You can customize this cute fairy bread by using any Christmas cookie cutter you have on hand. Swap the sprinkles for chopped veggies to keep it healthy. 
  2. Fun & Easy Rudolf The Reindeer Tortilla Roll-Ups – From the simple turkey cranberry filling to the cute pretzel antlers, these reindeer themed roll-ups are like little bites of Christmas and the kids are sure to love them!
  3. Santa And Elf Clementines – This healthy Christmas treat is super quick and easy! In just a few minutes you can have them ready for the kids. 
  4. Santa Bananas – Bananas make cute santas especially topped with a strawberry hat! These make the perfect class party snack. 
  5. Rudolph Celery Snacks – Serve these celery snacks up for a holiday party or make a tray of these peanut butter celery sticks for an afternoon snack, adults and children love them. Children love Rudolph the red nose reindeer and they will enjoy eating this healthy stuffed celery snack for Christmas.

Cute Healthy Christmas Treats Kids

  1. Mini Santa Pancakes – Small pancakes are cute and easy for little hands to eat and make! My daughter helped add the whipped cream, strawberry hats and the mini marshmallow hat toppers were her idea 
  2. Easy Cucumber Christmas Trees – This healthy festive party snack may look impressive but it’s really quick and easy to make – why not let the kids have a go at making their own?
  3. Cheese & Tomato Santa Hats – These quick and easy cheese and tomato Santa hats make a fun Christmas appetizer or cute and healthy snack for the kids. You can serve them just as they are, or use them to make cute Santa sandwich skewers for an extra festive lunch or tea!
  4. Christmas Tree-sadillas – Turn quesadillas into festive Christmas trees in a fun and easy twist on a tasty classic. 
  5. Pancake Ornaments – Pancakes make a great snack any time of day! You can swap the sprinkles for cut up fruit for a healthier option. Grab some frozen pancakes to make this fun holiday treat even easier. 


  1. Christmas Cheeseball Snowman – This cute Christmas cheeseball snowman is the perfect appetizer or snack for a holiday get together. 
  2. Easy Snowman Smoothies – These easy snowman smoothies are perfect for a festive breakfast or treat. They’re packed with deliciously healthy ingredients. 
  3. Bagel Christmas Wreath – For a simple and healthy snack, make these cute Christmas wreath bagels with fresh veggies. You can have them on the platter in just a few minutes. 
  4. Snowman Hard Boiled Eggs – These hard-boiled eggs that are dressed up like snowmen are going to be one of the most adorable snacks you’ll ever make! Feed the kids something healthy and fun!
  5. Peanut Butter Reindeer Celery Sticks– Here’s another variation with raspberries. With just some celery sticks and peanut butter, you can serve up a healthy snack that kids will love featuring their favorite reindeers. 

Cute Healthy Christmas Treats Kids

  1. Healthy Grinch Snacks – Who doesn’t love the Grinch? Kids will love these celery snacks that look like their favorite Christmas villain. 
  2. No-Bake Reindeer Energy Bites – These No-Bake Reindeer Energy Bites make a fun and healthy treat for the holidays and contain no added sugar! Prep them in advance for an easy snack to serve to guests during the Christmas season.
  3. Strawberry Santas – Kids of all ages will enjoy these sweet Santas. They are made to be dairy-free, vegan, and are naturally gluten-free. 
  4. Nutella Reindeer Sandwich – Here’s a crafty Nutella reindeer sandwich tutorial to make snack time a bit more festive!
  5. Clean Eating Energy Ball Snowmen – These lovely little snowmen are the perfect, healthy addition to your holiday snacking! 

Cute Healthy Christmas Treats Kids

  1. Grinch Fruit Kabobs – You can either pre-make these fruit kabobs for a party platter or set out the ingredients and let a group of kids put them together for a fun activity.
  2. Easy Cheese Stick Snowman with Printable Hats – This Easy Cheese Stick Snowman is fun to make for an after school snack. Don’t forget the printable hat template. It’s perfect for a wintertime after school snack or party treat.
  3. Bagel Ornament Snack – Let the kids build their own ornaments on a bagel with some veggie decorating. It’s a healthy way to keep the kids occupied on a cold day. 
  4. Christmas Fruit Tree – This simple Christmas tree food art plate makes a fun snack idea for the kids while encouraging healthy eating. 
  5. Pear Reindeer – Serve up these pear reindeer for a healthy snack the kids will really get a kick out of. 

Cute Healthy Christmas Treats Kids

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