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20 Irresistibly Cute Pancake Ideas For Kids

20 Irresistibly Cute Pancake Ideas For Kids

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! That’s what they say anyway.

I love pancakes for any time of day though. You’ll love treating the whole family to these irresistibly cute pancakes for breakfast, dinner, or even dessert.

Make breakfast delightful with these 20 Irresistibly Cute Pancake Ideas For Kids.

Breakfast just got too cute to eat.

  1. Unicorn Rainbow Pancakes – Have a magical start to your morning with this dreamy and delicious stack of unicorn rainbow pancakes.
  2. Fruity Lion Snack – This adorable little lion snack starts with a pancake, so it would be a great breakfast!
  3. Bunny Butt Pancakes – These bunny butt pancakes are cute as can be and they come together so quickly. What a great way to treat the family this spring!
  4. Pokémon Pikachu Pancakes – Check out this easy Pikachu Pancake for your favorite Pokemon fan! They are simple, but oh so fun!
  5. Spring Flower Pancakes – Enjoy a different type of bouquet with these spring flower pancakes that are decorated with fruit, yogurt, and chocolate.

Rainbow and lollipop pancakes anyone?

  1. Rainbow Pancakes – Amanda’s Cookin’ has just what you need to brighten up your family’s morning..
  2. Lollipop Pancakes – Pancake pops are breakfast’s answer to dessert’s cake pops. If cupcakes can get tiny and jump on a lollipop stick, then why can’t pancakes?
  3. Pancake Puppies – These Puppy Pancakes are so simple to make and the smile on your little one’s face will be priceless when they wake up to see these.
  4. Bear-y Big Bear Hug Pancakes – Start off the day with this bear-y big plate of pancakes! Great for big kids or kids with big appetites, these pancakes will definitely fill them up!
  5. Banana Pancake Stacks – If you love pancakes and fruit, you’ll love these! This Banana Pancake Stacks recipe has fruit on top and in the batter!

Emoji Pancakes start your morning off with a smile.

cute pancake ideas for kids

  1. Fruit Tacos with Maple Yogurt Drizzle – Fruit tacos are a fun and healthy dessert for kids and grown ups. The fruit filled crepes are quick, easy and endlessly customisable.
  2. Nutella Stuffed Pancake Poppers – Nutella stuffed pancake poppers are going to be a hit with everyone in your family. With just a few ingredients, you can make this super easy dish.
  3. Easy Mini Emoji Pancakes – These mini emoji pancakes are guaranteed to make your kids smile! They’re a fun breakfast option kids will love treating themselves to any day!
  4. Pancake Muffins – Pancake Muffins are a great on the go breakfast for the whole family. Just bake the pancakes in a muffin tin with your favorite toppings for a fun breakfast treat.
  5. Sheet Pan Pancake Heart Cookies – There’s nothing more my kids like than cookies. But I don’t always want them to eat sugary desserts. These Valentine pancake heart “cookies” are a happy medium between giving them a treat with less sweets added.

Sheet pan pancakes are so easy to make and feed a crowd.

breakfast pancake ideas for kids

  1. Strawberry Pancake Recipe with Strawberry Pancake Syrup – Strawberry pancakes, sprinkles, and topped with even more strawberries? Yum!
  2. Bunny-licious Oat Pancakes – Use fresh fruit to decorate the bunny’s sweet little face and make breakfast extra special.
  3. Mini Pancake Skewers – These Mini Pancake Skewers are kid-friendly, healthy, and easy to make! Mini Pancake Skewers are a mash up of finger-friendly foods, so they are super easy for kids to feed themselves.
  4. Sheet Pan Bear Heart Pancakes – We combined our love of easy sheet pan pancakes with adorable bears and made these irresistible Sheet Pan Bear Heart Pancakes!
  5. Easy Animal Shaped Pancakes – Add animal-shaped pancakes to the list of favorite weekend breakfasts. They’re fun, really easy, and the kids get a laugh.

20 Irresistibly Cute Pancake Ideas.

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