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Dream Cooker Honest Review – Family Meals Made Easy

Dream Cooker Honest Review – Family Meals Made Easy

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Not your grandma’s pressure cooker! The Dream Cooker is an all-in-one cooker that does it all! Its functional and beautiful aesthetics appeal to busy modern families looking for simple meals.

Our family recently got Our Place’s Dream Cooker. The name of this all-in-one cooker really is a dream because it does it all! The Dream Cooker is a pressure cooker like the Instant Pot, which also slow cooks, sautees, and keeps food warm. The stylish design and easy digital functions are what turned me on to buying this for my family. We already have the Instagram-famous Our Place Always Pan so it was a no-brainer when looking for a pressure cooker to try the new Dream Cooker.

Full disclosure, I’ve always been scared to try the big black Instant Pot machines, but there is something about the friendly, beautiful design of the Dream Cooker that intrigued me. 

I also wanted an easy way to make dinner with my kids because I believe involving them in the kitchen is great for independence. This is why I’ve been baking with my son @DashBakesTheGreats since he was two years old! He’s 6 now and he’s made many Dream Cooker meals with us! See his Dream Cooker Chicken and Broccoli, Honey Garlic Chicken, and Chinese Chicken Sausage and Rice on his Instagram. 

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dream cooker review

dream cooker review

dream cooker review

Who is Our Place

Instagram-famous Our Place cookware with 675K followers was co-founded by Shiza Shahid, her husband Amir Tehrani, and Zach Rosner. The company was launched in 2019 as a direct-to-consumer brand, aiming to provide versatile cookware suitable for the multiethnic American kitchen. The Always Pan, which is designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, was the first product to kick off their line​. 

I have the pink Always Pan and it has lived up to the hype, we use it every week and it is beautiful and functional. We use it so often it  has a permanent seat on top of our stove! 

What is the Dream Cooker?

The Dream Cooker is the latest appliance from Our Place. 

The Dream Cooker is the ultimate multicooker, designed to transform your kitchen experience. Effortlessly prepare meats that fall off the bone, perfectly fluffy grains, and broths bursting with flavor, all significantly faster thanks to its highly efficient, pressurized capabilities.

According to Our place, this versatile device can reduce your cooking time by up to 80% when compared to traditional slow cooking methods. With its 6-quart capacity (enough for 9 cups of rice!), the inner pot features a safe, non-stick coating, allowing for a variety of cooking techniques including pressure and slow cooking, sautéing, and more.

 Enjoy the convenience of its “set it and forget it” features like hands-free steam release, automatic warming, and nine sophisticated safety mechanisms for a hassle-free cooking experience.

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dream cooker review

dream cooker review

How much is the Dream Cooker

The Dream Cooker retails for $250 and comes in 4 beautiful colors, Blue Salt, Char, Steam (which we have) and Spice. 

We were able to get our for $199 since they had a deal for Black Friday so I would look for similar deals in the future. 

How does the Dream Cooker Differe from the Instant Pot

Although both the Dream Cooker and Instant Pot have similar functions of pressure cooking, sauteing, and slow cooking, the Dream Cooker has a simple pre-set digital control panel. I find this to be very easy to use and read. 

Another main difference is the attractiveness of the product. Instant Pot comes in characteristic black and stainless steel whereas the Dream Cooker comes in 4 beautiful colors. If aesthetics is important in your kitchen, this may be a consideration.

The other major difference is the coating of the pan. The instant pot’s inner pot coating is stainless steel and food may get stuck on more easily whereas the Dream Cooker has its proprietary non-stick ceramic coating. This is what we love about the Always Pan. 

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My honest opinion about the Dream Cooker

We have made several dinners so far using the sautee and pressure cook function anything from Japanese curry, beef stews, Chicken Broccoli Rice and Chicken Soup. Note that this review relates to the sautee, pressure and keep-warm functions. We have yet to use the slow cooking function. 


  • Super simple digital display there are just 4 buttons, saute, slow cook, pressure, and warm
  • The inner pot is a breeze to clean up with the nonstick coating not adhering to any foods
  • The Dream Cooker is on our counter and looks attractive and not like another bulky appliance. 
  • It is not super heavy to carry, the outside has a light (plastic-like coating feel that is not heavy)
  • The meats we have made are super tender, and fall off the bone! Most dinners are ready in 20 minutes or less
  • Automatic steam release and manual steam release are available
  • Easy enough for kids to use and help with making meals


  • The price at $250 is considerably more than an Instant Pot. If aesthetics are important to you as well as simple design, then it may be worth it. If not I would go with other pressure cookers at a fraction of the price which would make similar meals just as quickly and functionally would work the same. 
  • If you have not used a pressure cooker before (like me) I would not that there is a warm-up period when using any function. For example, when you sautee you need to wait for the temperature to get to sautee mode and when you choose the pressure cook function there is additional time to wait as well. A 10-minute pressure cook meal then becomes 20 minutes with the ramp-up time. You may be aware of this already! But I thought it was worth pointing out. 

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dream cooker review

Final Thoughts

Overall the Dream Cooker is a great investment appliance for your kitchen if you want to make easy, simple dinners and involve your kids in the cooking process. I am much more comfortable watching them over the electric Dream Cooker vs our open-flame gas stove!

The steep price vs. other pressure cookers like the Instant Pot is something to consider when you are weighing what is important to you in an appliance.

If  design is integral to your gadgets, I would highly recommend giving the Dream Cooker a go! We have loved making meals together with it as a family and it has earned a permanent spot on our countertop. 

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