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These 20 Creative Ways to Make Pizza for Kids make this family favorite food a win for lunch, dinner, or parties!

What’s not to love about pizza? Pizza can be served any time of day, any time of year and is a kid-friendly food even adults love!

You can make pizza a million different ways and we rounded up the most creative ones we could find.

We set out to find pizza in fun shapes, themes, or just crazy unique toppings for even some of our pickiest eaters.

In our list of creative pizza for kids, we have everything from ghosts and puppies to mac & cheese and chicken pot pie! I love that pizza is quick and easy to make and family-friendly.

20 Creative Ways to Make Pizza for kids

  1. Ritz Crackers Pup-Peroni Pizzas – These little pups probably count more as a snack pizza than a meal, but they’re super cute and the kids will love helping make them!
  2. Mini Ghost Pizzas – Ghosts are not just for Halloween! I’m sure the kids will get a kick out of these mini pizzas any time of year! 
  3. Fruit Pizza Pancake – This huge pancake is made with marshmallow fluff, cream cheese, and plenty of fruit! Slice it up like pizza and serve it for breakfast, a healthy snack, or dessert!
  4. Chili Cheese Dog Pizza – If you love a good chili cheese dog, this is the pizza for you! It’s loaded with all the chili cheese dog toppings, including the hot dog! 
  5. Fish Stick Alfredo Pizza – Kids love fish sticks! Why not serve them up on pizza? You can create a great seafood pizza with some alfredo sauce and veggies. 


  1. Mac & Cheese Pizza with Garlic Bread Crust – You can throw this fun dinner together super quick with some help of store-bought staples! This combines two family favorites, so you know it’s going to be a hit! 
  2. Grilled Chicken Strawberry Pizza – This pizza is perfect for a backyard summer dinner. It’s light and refreshing. Who would have thought strawberries go great on pizza?
  3. Pizza Kabobs – Serve pizza on a stick with these fun kabobs! All of the pizza toppings are skewered on a kabob and then wrapped in pizza dough. 
  4. English Muffin Snowman Pizza – These adorable snowman pizzas are made with english muffins. The kids can help decorate them for a family dinner.
  5. Octopus Pizza – The kids will love ripping the tentacles off this octopus pizza and eating each one as they go! 


  1. Pizza Cake – Everyone will be talking about this pizza cake for quite awhile! It’s basically a bunch of individual size pizzas piled on top of each other! 
  2. Chicken Pot Pie French Bread Pizza – This pizza combines two favorite comfort foods! It’s super quick and easy to make up for a busy weeknight dinner. 
  3. Mini Winnie the Pooh Pizzas – The kids will go crazy over these sweet little Pooh pizzas. It’ll be the cutest lunch they’ll have all week! 
  4. Huevos Rancheros Mexican Breakfast Pizza – What’s better than Mexican pizza? Mexican pizza for breakfast! This pizza is bursting with delicious flavors and it’s loaded with the protein your family needs to keep going all day!
  5. Carrot Pizza with Carrot Pizza Sauce – Not only do these pizza slices look like a carrot, but there are carrots in the crust and sauce! 


  1. Mini Pizza Hand Pies – These hand pies are easy to take on the go. They’re a fun project to make together and they’d be great to pack in the lunch box too!
  2. Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Pizza – Who doesn’t love rainbows and unicorns? Combine the two in on magical, sparkly pizza. 
  3. Spinach Artichoke Dip Pizza – Turn your favorite dip into pizza for a yummy dinner kids and adults will love! 
  4. Monster Pizza – Mix and match your own monster pizzas, so versatile and easy on bagels. 
  5. Sheet Pan Breakfast Pizza – Sheet pan meals are so easy! For your next breakfast-for-dinner night, try these simple breakfast pizza!  

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