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These 20 Fun and Easy Toddler Snacks are the perfect bite-sized treats for your little ones to munch on in between meals.

If you have toddlers, you know about their constant need for snacks. After all, they are growing like weeds!

I love making cute and fun snacks for the kids, but I definitely need quick and easy snacks for toddlers.

What’s great about so many of these toddler snack recipes is that the kids can help in the kitchen to create their own snack.

20 Fun and Easy Toddler Snacks

I’ve gathered together the best easy toddler snacks and have everything from frozen treats and trail mix to owls and bumble bees. No matter what your toddler currently likes, I’m sure you’ll find their new favorite snack here on our list.

20 Fun and Easy Toddler Snacks

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Ice Pops – These fruit and vegetable ice pops are surprisingly easy to make at home for a healthy and refreshing kid snack.
  2. Owl Toast – Little ones will have a hoot eating this yummy and sweet owl toast. 
  3. Cutest and Easiest Car Food Snacks – These sweet little cars are so easy to put together with just toothpicks and a few favorite snack options. They would also work great for a car themed party!
  4. Caterpillar Pancakes – C is for Caterpillar! Toddlers will love these Caterpillar pancakes which you can switch up in rainbow form to make The Very Hungry Caterpillar from the beloved Eric Carle picture book. 
  5. Rainbow Fruit Fish Food Art – This adorable fish comes together quickly with all your favorite rainbow fruits. We used apples for the head, fins and tails. For the rainbow body, strawberries, mangoes, kiwis and grapes created a vibrant rainbow!

20 Fun and Easy Toddler Snacks

  1. Easy Tree Snack for Kids – Turn snack time into a lesson! Kids can learn about the different parts of trees while building their own tree to eat!
  2. Homemade Cheese Animal Crackers – My kids can eat these homemade cheese animal crackers by the fistful (if I let them). These homemade animal crackers are so much healthier and tastier than the store-bought version. They come together surprisingly easily too.
  3. Cinnamon Graham Mini Fruit Pizzas – These no-bake mini fruit pizzas are so easy! They are made with cinnamon graham crackers, whipped strawberry fluff and fresh fruit!
  4. Nut-Free Toddler Trail Mix – This nut-free Toddler-Friendly Trail Mix is the perfect make-ahead snack. Make a batch during your food prep session and portion into bags for kids to eat throughout the week.
  5. Butterfly Crackers – How cute are these butterflies?!? They are so simple with shredded baby carrots, celery, and raisins, mixed with cream cheese, peanut butter, on top of crackers and pretzels. There’s crunchy, salty, and smooth.

20 Fun and Easy Toddler Snacks

  1. Easy Cat In The Hat Dr. Seuss Party Snack Kabobs – Toddlers love Dr. Seuss and his whimsical stories. Make these fun Cat in the Hat snacks for a classroom snack or just to enjoy alone. 
  2. Mini Pancake Muffins – Here’s a creative way to turn pancakes into customizable, bite-sized portions with each kid’s favorite toppings. These mini muffin pancake bites are so easy to whip up and fun for little ones to help make in the kitchen!
  3. Rainbow Fruit Banana Sushi – Make this healthy rainbow fruit banana sushi for a fun snack. It’s a great way for kids to taste different flavored fruits! 
  4. Rainbow Pizza Rolls – These mini rainbow pizza rolls are a great way to sneak in some veggies for picky toddlers. 
  5. Rainbow Frozen Fruit Yogurt Hearts Kids Snack – To make this healthy snack, you’ll just need a few ingredients. Simply add yogurt to the top of your heart mold and fill tops with diced fruit. Freeze until frozen – a few hours. Pop out of the mold and enjoy as a yummy frozen healthy Valentine treat!

20 Fun and Easy Toddler Snacks

  1. Easy Apple Fruit Donuts – Who doesn’t love donuts? Try our healthier “donut” – it’s made with apples! 
  2. Healthy Peanut Butter Ball Bumble Bees – Kids will love turning healthy peanut butter balls into adorable chocolate drizzled bumble bees almost as much as they’ll love eating them!
  3. Cute and Easy Edible Snack Bar Cars – If you won’t let the kids have toy cars at the table, try these edible car snacks! 
  4. Frozen Yogurt Raspberries – Fresh raspberries are the perfect snack for little fingers. Make them extra special by filling them with frozen yogurt. These frozen yogurt raspberries are so simple anyone can make them. Make sure to halve these to make them easy for toddlers to eat. 
  5. Easy Strawberry Yogurt Bark – This snack takes just two ingredients to make. Your kids will get a refreshing twist on eating yogurt that they will love!

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