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20 Cute and Healthy Valentine Treats for Kids

20 Cute and Healthy Valentine Treats for Kids

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These 20 Cute and Healthy Valentine Treats for Kids are a fun way to sweeten their day minus the sugar, candy and chocolate.

Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love and appreciation for loved ones and of course that includes your kids! However, love doesn’t have to come in the form of a cookie or candy. Spread some healthy love this year by making these Cute and Healthy Valentine Treats for Kids.

Cute and Easy Healthy Valentine Treats for Kids. Collage image.

Health-ier versions of their favorite treats like Valentine energy balls, truffles, and fudge can be made just as delicious with less sugar and fat.

Opt for fresh fruit options that are presented in a fun way like a giant fruit heart snack board, valentine strawberry heart on bear pancakes, or love bird strawberry bird toast.

Check out all the healthy Valentine options for kids down below by clicking on each link to take you to the full recipe.


Cute and Easy Valentine Treats for Kids

Love Birds Toast – These cute lovebirds make a sweet Valentine lunch or brunch for the kids!

Valentine Bee Mine Fruit Snack – Kids will be buzzing around with giddiness after they indulge in this pineapple treat with a bit of chocolate.

Rainbow Frozen Yogurt Hearts – This is a great way to combine yogurt and fruit. Just pop in the freezer and out for a quick and healthy Valentine treat.

Owl Valentine Toast – You’re a hoot! Make kids feel like they’re super special with this adorable owl animal toast.

Bear Valentine Pancakes – Who resist these cuddly pancake bears holding hearts? Best part is they are made in on sheet pan pancake so are super easy!

Cute and Easy Valentine Treats for Kids

Caterpillar Pancakes – If your kids are big fans of Very Hungry Caterpillar they will love this pink pancake caterpillar version.

Strawberry Milk – Put a fresh Valentine taste on milk with fresh strawberries and no artificial colors.

Strawberry Coconut Truffles – These Strawberry Truffles have the perfect ratio of chocolate and strawberry filling, and they also make a beautiful homemade gift. 

Cupid Pancake KabobsThese adorable Valentine’s Day kabobs made using fresh fruit, and heart-shaped pancakes would make the perfect Valentine breakfast.

Valentine’s Day Snack BitesValentine’s Day snack bites are a fast and easy no-bake treat to make for your kids, or with them in the kitchen! 

Cute and Easy Valentine Treats for Kids

Heart Shaped Animal Toast – These adorable hear animal toasts in friendly shapes like bear, pig, frog and fish are a fun Valentine lunch for kids.

Strawberry Yogurt Bark – Put together this easy 3-ingredient strawberry yogurt bark when you need a fast and refreshing Valentine treat for kids.

Frozen Yogurt Raspberries – Dipping fruit in yogurt makes give these yogurt raspberries an extra tang and added nutrition from the dairy.

Fruit Squeezer Valentine Hearts – If you have a lot of fruit squeezer pouches around, you can fill them in molds to make a yummy and decorative Valentine treat for kids.

Fudgy Brownie BitesThese quick and easy fudgy brownie bites have a ganache and freeze-dried raspberry topping and can be made gluten-free, dairy-free or 100% whole grain – or even with all-purpose flour.

Cute and Easy Valentine Treats for Kids

Rainbow Fruit Heart Healthy Valentine Snack – Sometimes fruit just needs to be arranged a certain way to make them more appealing for kids. Try making this rainbow fruit heart Valentine snack board and serve with a side of yogurt dip!

Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge – If your kids love peanut butter they will love this tasty 3 ingredient peanut butter fudge.

Healthier Raspberry Truffles – These healthier raspberry truffles only have four ingredients and are vegan, dairy-free, paleo-friendly and naturally grain-free and gluten-free.

Heart Veggie Valentine Pizza This fun and festive heart shaped Valentine vegetable pizza makes an excellent healthy Valentine lunch or dinner for kids. 

Beet Carrot Veggie ApplesauceThis pretty pink applesauce is made with beets and apples. It’s naturally sweet and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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