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Watch the video in this post to see how to make Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs. 

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We tried the viral TikTok hot chocolate bombs and made our own Christmas twist perfect to celebrate cozy holiday days ahead. 

You’ve probably seen the viral TikTok hot chocolate bombs that have been driving people nuts over making these hot cocoa bombs. We made a twist by creating our own Christmas hot chocolate bombs just in time for the holiday season.

The concept is the same – take a chocolate round mold and fill with hot cocoa and mini marshmallows. We show you 3 festive ways to make these trendy hot chocolate treats even better – by making a sprinkles ornament ball, snowman and penguin. These hot chocolate bombs make such a cute and festive Christmas holiday treat especially for kids. We’re officially addicted!

Who is the “we” here? In this case, I teamed up with one of my favorite dessert Instagrammer Kat from @sugardevotion. Kat is primarily a macaron artist, check out her beautiful macaron art on IG. But she was game to try making something sweet and new, lucky for me!

Kat and I met online but it so happens we are neighbors too! So in invited her over for a fun hot chocolate bomb making session. We learned a lot and had a blast creating these cute Christmas hot chocolate bomb designs. Make sure to read the post below for our tips and tricks. 

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

What basic ingredients do you need to make hot chocolate bombs?

The most important thing you need is a round mold to make the chocolate bomb size. These molds typically come in silicone molds as half-spheres and then you join them together. You need the ability to join them so you can fill the inside with cocoa powder and mini marshmallows. We only had mini molds, about 1.5″ in diameter, so 3 of our hot cocoa bombs fit into an extra large mug as you see here. You can use round silicone molds in various sizes, whatever you end up making make sure they will fit in your container/mug. 

Another important item you will also need are hot cocoa powder mix and mini marshmallows. 

How do you make Christmas hot chocolate bombs. 

The sky is really the limit and up to your imagination as you can use any assortment of sprinkles and decorative elements and color your chocolate to make designs on top of the chocolate bombs. 

If you want to make the ornament ball, penguin and snowman you will need an assortment of sprinkles, unicorn horn sprinkles, dark and white chocolate, and black sprinkle balls. 

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

What else can I put inside my hot chocolate bombs

You definitely need the hot cocoa mix, we think that’s pretty important. But you don’t have to fill with marshmallows. The bombs can be filled with additional sprinkles, crushed candies, mini M&M’s, crushed peppermint. Anything sweet and small you can fit inside your mold!

Can I use candy melts to make hot chocolate bombs?

Yes! You can use either chocolate chips or candy melts, they will melt with hot milk when poured over it. 

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs – Ingredients:

  • White and semi-sweet chocolate chips 
  • Holiday sprinkles
  • Black ball sprinkles (for eyes)
  • Unicorn Horn Sprinkles (snowman nose) You can also color white chocolate orange or use orange candy melt and pipe on an orange nose. We just happen to have the unicorn sprinkle on hand!
  • Pastry brush
  • Toothpick
  • Silicone round mold (ours was small, about 1.5″ since we wanted to add a few inside one mug). You can use larger mold and make one design per mold. 
  • Small pastry bag or a small sandwich bag with tip cut off
  • Hot cocoa powder mix
  • Hot milk 


Watch the video in this post to see how to make Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs. 

Step 1. Melt your white and dark chocolate until smooth and use the back of a spoon to fill the chocolate mold half spheres in a smooth layer all the way to the top, make sure it’s not too thin or it will break easily once frozen. But make sure it’s not too thick so there is room to add the cocoa powder and marshmallows inside. 
Step 2. Freeze your mold for at least 30 minutes or frozen solid. Release the chocolate onto a plate and take two half spheres out and keep the rest in the freezer. 
Step 3. Warm a plate (we just microwaved one for a minute) and hold one sphere down so it melts the rim a bit, then add cocoa powder and mini marshmallows inside (for our sphere size, 1.5″ diameter, we added one tsp hot cocoa powder and 1 tsp marshmallows).
Step 4. Take the other half sphere and dip the rim on the hot plate then immediately turn it over to cover the other half round. Use your fingers to smooth the center line or take some of the melted chocolate from the plate and smooth over with your finger as the “glue.” 
Step 5. Place the finished hot chocolate bomb back in the freezer and work one at a time on the other ones. Once they are done, they can be decorated as Christmas bombs. 

Sprinkle Ornament Hot Chocolate Bomb

  • Take your white chocolate bomb and use a pastry brush to add a layer of melted white chocolate one section at a time, and adding sprinkles on top. Do this over a bowl to contain the mess! Add it back to the freezer to set. 

Sprinkles Hot Chocolate Bombs

Penguin Hot Chocolate Bomb

  • Add melted white chocolate to your pastry bag or sandwich zipper bag. Take your dark chocolate bomb and pipe a white chocolate heart over it. Pipe two dots and add two black sprinkles for eyes. Pipe a nose and add a gold sprinkle for the nose. 
  • Pipe a scarf line and add star sprinkles to make a scarf. Note you don’t *need star sprinkles, you can use any sprinkles you like. Add it back to the freezer to set. 

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs Penguin

Snowman Hot Chocolate Bomb

  • Take your white chocolate bomb and using a toothpick, take a dab of white chocolate and place on a small black dot sprinkle for the eye. Repeat for the other eye. 
  • Dab white chocolate in the center and place a unicorn horn sprinkle for the nose. You can also color white chocolate orange or use orange candy melt and pipe on an orange nose. We just happen to have the unicorn sprinkle on hand!
  • Use the toothpick to add a line of white chocolate around the center of bomb and add festive sprinkles for the snowman scarf. 

To melt your hot chocolate bombs:

Place your hot chocolate bombs inside a mug and pour very hot milk over it until the chocolate melts. Then watch the marshmallows explode and come out! The key is to keep your pour targeted and steady right in the center of the bomb to have that cool marshmallow effect. 

Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

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