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We found the best Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs you’ve seen everywhere that you can buy for a sweet Valentine treat this year! 

If you were paying attention this winter you may have seen the viral TikTok hot chocolate bombs or hot cocoa bombs all over the place as a fun holiday treat. We even even made a Rudolph hot chocolate bomb! This viral food trend started when the weather cooled down and has been continuing this winter and now is finding new life as Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs.

Different shapes and some different ingredients, but the concept is the same. A chocolate filled “bomb” with hot cocoa or different flavors such as peppermint and even cinnamon and marshmallows that melt when hot milk is poured over and then flavors it. We are seeing them decorated with hearts, red and pink for Valentine’s Day and even some that are in the shape of hearts! Here we show you some great ones for purchase we’ve spotted handmade over on Etsy!

valentine hot chocolate bombs where to buy

Where to buy Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs

We found several great handmade options on Etsy! Click on the links below to take you to the full listing. 

Pink Hearts Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs
Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs

Photo Credit via Etsy

These are simply darling. A set of pink heart shaped cocoa bombs with marshmallows. Decorated with a light sprinkle of red, pink, and white sprinkles and hearts.

XOXO Hot Chocolate Bombs

Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs

Photo Credit via Etsy

Choices of white chocolate, peppermint and cocoa, these are just so festive. Red and pink sprinkles and even cute X’s and O’s decorate this chocolate bombs.

Gift Set Hot Chocolate Bombs in the shape of hearts

Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs

Photo Credit via Etsy

These super fun geometric heart shaped bombs are just the sweetest and come in milk, dark and white chocolate. Decorated with red chocolate and silver and gold sprinkles.

Valentine Edition, 6 pack hot chocolate bombs

This set of 6 chocolate bombs are beautiful. These spheres come with 2 of each flavor, milk, dark and white Ghiradelli chocolates. They are artfully decorated with pretty accents and a bright pink wash of luminous edible colored powder.

Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs

Photo Credit via Etsy

So pretty, these heart shaped bombs come attached to a stick for easy stirring. It’s a 4 pack and you can choose cookies and cream, chocolate and white chocolate.  

Valentine’s Day Bug Chocolate Bombs

Bear Hot Chocolate Bombs

Photo Credit via Etsy
Cute creature hot chocolate bombs 2 pack with a bear and a lady bug. One is made of pink white chocolate and the other made of regular chocolate.

Valentine Sprinkles Hot Cocoa Bombs

Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs

Photo Credit via Etsy

These are so cute styled up in a mug so you can imagine having a hot cuppa on this sweet day. 

Pink Valentine Hot Cocoa

Pink Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs

Photo Credit via Etsy

If pink is your favorite color you’ll love these pretty in pink drizzled hot cocoa bombs. 

Conversation Heart Chocolate Bombs

conversation heart chocolate bombs

Photo Credit via Etsy

How sweet are these chocolate conversation hearts? You can pair them with a favor bag of the candy to make it a sweet Valentine treat!

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