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Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

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Watch the video in this post to see how to make Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs. 

These Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs are a fun holiday twist off the viral TikTok hot chocolate bombs for the perfect cup of hot cocoa treat. 

Did you see our Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs? In that post we made sprinkle ball ornament, penguin and snowman hot chocolate bomb. We had a blast making those and came out with one more holiday design – these cute Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs!

We used the exact same method of preparing these Rudolph hot chocolate bombs as the Christmas ones except we used a larger round silicone mold and larger mini marshmallows. These are the standard mini marshmallows you find at the grocery stores so you don’t need to hunt down the tiny marshmallows we first used. 

What do you you need to make Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Definitely semi-sweet chocolate to make the reindeer body, candy googly eyes, a round-ish red candy for the nose and chocolate pretzels for the antlers! That will save you time coating regular pretzels with chocolate and or piping your own chocolate antlers. You also need the standard filling inside a hot cocoa bomb like your favorite hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. 

You don’t have to fill with marshmallows either! Try crushed peppermint candy or broken pieces of mint chocolate pieces for a holiday hot chocolate bomb flavor. 

Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs – Ingredients:


Watch the video in this post to see how to make Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs. 

Step 1. Melt semi-sweet chocolate until smooth and use the back of a spoon to fill the chocolate mold half spheres in a smooth layer all the way to the top, make sure it’s not too thin or it will break easily once frozen. But make sure it’s not too thick so there is room to add the cocoa powder and marshmallows inside. 
Step 2. Freeze your mold for at least 30 minutes or frozen solid. Release the chocolate onto a plate and take two half spheres out and keep the rest in the freezer. 
Step 3. Warm a plate (we just microwaved one for a minute) and hold one sphere down so it melts the rim a bit, then add cocoa powder and mini marshmallows inside (we added a heaping TBSP of hot cocoa and as many marshmallows as would fit).
Step 4. Take the other half sphere and dip the rim on the hot plate then immediately turn it over to cover the other half round. Use your fingers to smooth the center line or take some of the melted chocolate from the plate and smooth over with your finger as the “glue.” 
Step 5. Place the finished hot chocolate bomb back in the freezer and work one at a time on the other ones. Once they are done, they can be decorated.
Step 6. Have your bowl of melted chocolate remains left (heat up in microwave if it’s gotten too cool). Use a toothpick and add a thick dab of melted chocolate to the red candy and add on the frozen chocolate sphere as the nose. The chocolate will cool immediately and adhere. 
Step 6. Repeat the same step as above for the two candy eyes. 
Step 7. Break a chocolate pretzel in half for antlers and dip in melted chocolate to adhere. Do the same for the second antler. 
Step 8. Place your Reindeer hot chocolate bomb inside a mug and pour very hot milk over it until the chocolate melts. Then watch the marshmallows explode and come out! The key is to keep your pour targeted and steady right in the center of the bomb to have that cool marshmallow effect. 

rudolph christmas hot chocolate bombs


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