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Puppy Dog Toast Food Art

Puppy Dog Toast Food Art

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Can we agree foods shaped like animals, especially dogs are extra cute? Puppy Dog Toast is a type of food art made using shapes in various ingredients to put on toast to create different puppy dog shapes. 

The toast is then decorated with things like fruits, vegetables, and even chocolate chips to make it look like an adorable little puppy dog. 

If you’re a food lover, you will love this cute and delicious treat! Many people enjoy eating this toast art shaped like dogs because it is both aesthetically pleasing and tasty. 

Unlike other types of food art, this toast art is easy to make and requires only a few simple ingredients. Plus, it’s a great way to show your love for puppies! 

If you’re looking for a unique way to show your pup some love, try making Puppy Dog Toast! This tasty treat will win over your kids’ hearts (and stomachs). Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

  • Toaster or Oven
  • Any kind of toast 
  • Peanut butter, honey, or cream cheese
  • Fruits and vegetables for decoration
  • Chocolate chips, marshmallows, or other small candy

How to Make Puppy Dog Toast 

Puppy dog toast is the perfect way to start your morning with a smile. It’s also great to show your kids how creative you can be with their food. 

To make Puppy Dog Toast, you’ll need some bread and fruit, such as bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips. Start by slicing the bananas into thin slices to use as the eyes. 

Then cut the strawberries into the shapes of ears. Once you have done that, take a small chocolate chip or berry and place it on top of the banana eyes to make it look more realistic. 

If you want to get creative, you can add a nose and mouth with additional fruit or chocolate chips. 

You can add some extra decorations such as bows or ribbons using fruit leather or candy.

Instructions at a Glance

1. Toast the bread to medium brown.

2. Spread peanut butter, honey, or cream cheese on the toast.

3. Decorate with fruit and vegetables to create the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

4. Add chocolate chips or other small candy for the pupils.

5. Enjoy! This healthy snack is perfect for breakfast.

Toast Art Tips & Tricks 

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create the perfect Puppy Dog Toast:

  • Use ripe fruits for the best results. Ripe fruits are easier to work with and provide more color. 
  • Have fun with the decorations! There’s no wrong way to do it.
  • If you’re having trouble getting the fruit to stick, try using honey or jam as glue. 
  • Chocolate chips make great eyes, but raisins or other small candies can also be used. 
  • For a more savory version of Puppy Dog Toast, try using cheese or ham instead of fruit. 
  • Get the family involved in making Puppy Dog Toast! It’s a fun activity for kids of all ages. 


Puppy Dog Toast is sure to fit the bill, whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a creative way to impress your friends and family. 

If you’re feeling wildly creative, try adding your twist to the classic recipe.

Food art is a great way to show your love for puppies and food! Unique and delicious, this treat will become a new family favorite.

Agnes Hsu is a mom of three and has been inspiring parents and kids to get creative with easy activities and family friendly recipes for over 10 years. She shares her love for creative play and kids food to her 2MM+ followers online. Agnes' commitment to playful learning and kindness has not only raised funds for charity but also earned features in prestigious nationwide publications.

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