Cute Halloween Treats For Kids

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you one of those moms that loves making all the seasonally themed treats and snacks? You’ll love these spooktacular cute Halloween treats kids.

We have fruit snacks and banana treats.

Of course, we also have candy treats, donuts, and cupcakes.

Don’t forget about Halloween themed lunch ideas like Monster Pizza Bagels and Ghost Sandwiches. You can pack them in the lunch box or serve them for a filling after school snack.

All of these Halloween treats and snacks are cute and not-so-scary, making them perfect for kids!

We rounded up the cutest not too spooky Halloween treats, snacks and desserts for kids!

See them all below and make sure to click on each link to get you to the tutorial on how to make these fun Halloween snacks, treats and desserts!

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Cute Halloween Treats For Kids

  1. Ghost Sandwiches and Mummy Drinks – With just a few extra minutes to your lunch routine you’ll have a spooktacular Halloween lunch that is sure to delight your kids! I know my kids were thrilled to eat their ghost sandwiches and mummy drinks.
  2. Healthy Monster Mouths – These monster mouths make a perfect healthy Halloween treat. You’ll just need apples, strawberry jam, nut butter, and almonds/sunflower seeds. 
  3. Monster Pizza Bagels – Kids can have fun making their own little creatures. This is a great way to use up those leftover veggies from the fridge. 
  4. Easy Pretzel Monster Treats – These monster treats are so easy to make! Your little ones will love that they’re not scary at all!
  5. Halloween Frozen Banana Treats – You just need bananas, chocolate, and a little candy to create your own cute banana characters. It’s a spooky good time for kids of all ages! These make perfect desserts for Halloween parties or cute additions to a festive Halloween lunch!

Cute Halloween Treats For Kids

  1. Frankenstein Kiwis – These Franken-kiwis are an easy, really cute, healthy Halloween treat! And so fun to make – like yummy little Halloween craft projects! They’re perfect for Halloween fruit trays, fun after-school snacks, and as edible Halloween party decorations!
  2. Spooky Apple and Watermelon Fruit Halloween Snack – Here’s a cute and spooky fruit snack that will delight your kids on Halloween. This adorable apple ghost holding watermelon zombie eye balloons is an easy treat that takes minutes to put together and will be sure to get a giggle out of your kids.
  3. Dirt Cups With Gummy Worms – It’s a new take on an old favorite. You can prepare these yummy dirt cups with gummy worms in just a few minutes. 
  4. Spooky and Cute Zombie Eyeball Halloween Cookies – Here’s a cute Halloween treat that’s fun for the kids to help make and hand out to friends on this spooky occasion. We made these easy zombie eyeball cookies using our favorite sugar cookie recipe (so easy with just 3 ingredients) or you can use store bought to make it even easier.
  5. Purple Sweet Potato Spice Monster Biscuits – These fun little monsters are a vegan Halloween treat made with purple potatoes and topped with healthy decorations!

Cute Halloween Treats For Kids

  1. Halloween Baked Donuts – This is a fun Halloween treat that kids as young as toddlers can participate in. We decided to color the batter green to fit in with the spooky theme. Just lay out sprinkles, icing gel and have the kids decorate away!
  2. Fruit Spiders – You don’t have to feel guilty serving these spiders to the kids! The legs of the spiders are simply raisins threaded onto uncooked spaghetti sticks, which are then poked into a grape.
  3. Easy Ghost Madeleine Cookies – If you’re looking for an easy last-minute Halloween treat for the kids, you’ll love these madeleine cookies. You can speed things up with store-bought cookies. 
  4. Mickey Pumpkin Donuts – Add a little Disney magic to your Halloween treats! These adorable little pumpkin donuts will be a hit! 
  5. Mummy Donuts – Thanks to store bought donut holes, these sweet little mummy donuts are great for a Halloween dessert. 

Cute Halloween Treats For Kids

  1. White Chocolate Marshmallow Ghosts – Need a quick Halloween treat to bring to a party or class? These cute marshmallow white chocolate ghosts will do just the trick. Plus they’re easy enough to have children as young as preschooler participate in making.
  2. Ghost Halloween Hard Boiled Egg Snacks – This quick Halloween party snack makes an adorable ghost out of a hard-boiled egg! You can make a whole platter of fun ghosts for a Halloween party or pack a couple in a lunchbox for kids.
  3. Skeleton Rice Krispies – These easy yet hilariously adorable skeleton rice krispy treat snacks are a huge hit at Halloween parties!
  4. Ghost Cupcakes – These impressive Ghost Cupcakes are perfect for a simple and delicious Halloween treat! You can follow our recipe for yummy homemade cupcakes or grab some plain premade cupcakes at the store. 
  5. Witches Broom Sticks – This simple snack is a great way to throw in some healthier ingredients with just a touch of candy. 
  6. Witch Hat Cookies – These no-bake Halloween witch hat treats are so easy and fun to make and to eat!
  7. Mummy Whoopie Pies – Chocolate cookies are sandwiched together with vanilla icing and then topped with candy strips and candy eyeballs. These are almost too cute to eat!

Cute Halloween Treats For Kids

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